dif·fer·ence | public relations in the digital age


The time

This is an exciting time for public relations. Digital communications has changed the game. A greater sense of creativity and freedom is coming into the business as we find new ways to help clients grow and dramatically increase exposure to target audiences.

It takes disparate skills to conduct effective PR programs today. We deal with — Visual information (infographics). Valuable content. Connected communications. Content marketing. Media relations (publicity). Editorial (these days they call it Storytelling). Developing and promoting radio shows. Streaming video. Webinars. Blogs. Websites.

I was involved in nearly every form of communication in 2013 (going into 2014), except paid advertising.

The thinking

We are non-traditional thinkers who value traditional values – client satisfaction, results, accountability, responsibility, professionalism. We understand our client’s business and we are responsive to their needs.


Media relations is a core competency. We consistently generate targeted coverage for clients on major television and video outlets, in print, on the radio, in blogs, and influential news wire services.

We produce web sites and blogs to support comprehensive communications programs.

Our editorial team includes accomplished journalists and writers. We access publicists, videographers, web designers and developers and SEO experts.


My mantra: content creation + distribution = PR for lasting impact.

Our work: PRforAdvisors | Finsquared 

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